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Goldin+Senneby at Artspace

Goldin+Senneby at Artspace

With Stephen Bain (actor), Anna Heymowska (set designer), John Hjerpe (graphic designer), Paul Leong (investment banker), Jo Randerson (playwright) and Ybodon (compter scientist).

21 March-20 April, 2013

M&A Rehearsals with Stephen Bain Saturday April 13


Financial burdens seem to accumulate the clouds that surround my head.

Ongoing as I left the screening of ‘The Society of The Spectacle’

Cloudy eyed as I entered the gallery.

Lines with coloured tape and violent red paint smothered itself onto the walls.

Markings of an event that took place encouraged its worthiness of becoming HARD WORK.

Discussions were on the way as I happened to arrive just in time for the performance.

“Please grab a folder from the pile on the table”

12 steps to the left and there was a table stacked with brown folders all with a script inside, across the room the M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) was presented in a clear case which remains untouched. M&A Plans that contains a developed trading strategy which nobody can access.

Choice was mine, favor for the folder on the top left side

Pacing my steps, walking past the visual lines of a mapped out office.

Three chairs no wait four chairs

I sat down,

An introduction from the actor Stephen Bain, Hello my name Salome.

Small talk occurs…

Wow that’s an interesting name… is that biblical? Ahh yeah I think but wait my little brother’s name is John. Laughter “Salome asked for the head of the John the Baptist”- Yeah my parents set me up.

Actor asked if he could use my camera bag as a suitcase for the performance…sure as long as you don’t break anything.

Let us begin, reading the script and watching him perform I felt disjointed/ the actor slipped in and out of character interacting with the audience… WOW now I feel a little uncomfortable.

Laughter and confusion

This actor performed an illusion; a magic trick where he asked for money…No one replied except for stupid me. 30CENTS. the actor took the 20c (it’s greater than 10)

Magic trick MY ASS. He put the coin in his pocket, and then requested for some more money. Great…Trick.

Typing and answering invisible clients, hectic and fakeness… Now this must really reflect the world of Economy/Business.

Audience was asked to make sound effects, oooooooooummmmmm (that’s my sound effect)

Heavy breathing

Blood, sweat & tears all forward…March on for the finance of trading budgets. How long will it last?

Reading and following the script

As the performance runs on I wondered…. is this guy getting paid? Well is it easy money?



Losing track as I found reading the script and watching the performance difficult.

Private and public

I wanted to get lost in the moment but it never seem to happen

Bag of Coins

Finale of the performance Crisis at it’s pinnacle

Crash and burn

“Ring, Ring”


“Ah yes…the company has allowed its shares to be combined?”

“Well then we are all for it. Hold the next meeting in June, we will have the papers ready…..”

Disappeared to the back room.

Reappeared to let us know the performance was done. “Let your selves out and thanks for coming… I’ll be out the back cleaning myself up”.



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