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If You Were to Work Here at The War Memorial Museum

If You Were To Work Here: the Mood in the Museum. Peter Robinson.
Auckland War Memorial Museum. 9th May Mood Day Parade.

#500 Words





Workers in a makeshift production line. Afternoon shift for me.
Student commonality room.
Spaceship radio control
“Where to people?”
One day to work. Felt and fluffy
Momentum increase
Dream conversations and discussions
What a beautiful person, I love your vivid dream talks.
One said that she will buy your children’s book.
Looks very promising…
Method acknowledged, stand and pull down.
Yes: 4hours
And 3and ½ poles done buddy
Guess what colour Elly?
My mood must be on point
Or a point that is colourblind,
Thankfully my fingers didn’t split
Sweaty feet, the space reminded me of my mother’s factory job, so comfort seem to annihilated the worries of my own.
My reward for my time was a colourful stick made by Cordelle’s little brother. Thank you Cordelle’s little brother.
It was meant to be.
The day of the parade
Gathered the peeps at Elam,
Great family feel.
All we headed to the Spot to where it’s at.
Mine dropped oops.
There was a break in the clouds and it is time to go ahead with the march!
Volunteering to participate
Participating for the sake of volunteering
Cameras attached to man
Watch him run, capturing the procession
On the go!
March, March, March forward. On to the Art gallery
On to the Auckland War Memorial Art Gallery.
Gloves on both hands
White to be exact
My stick is Blue, now that was intentional
Cordelle was my walking partner.
Great person to walk with, I highly recommend her to everyone!
Damn doors of the Auckland Art gallery wasn’t built for an active work of Peter Robinson. Should have been prepared Art gallery!
Yes outside!
Eyes and heads turn, Traffic stop and hundreds of us were the show stoppers.
Watch out
Mad people that are moody are carrying weapons
Damn Traffic lights! Auckland council wasn’t built for an active work of Peter Robinson. Should have been prepared Auckland council!
Walking up a sweat, this is a physical act.
Converse, feel good, vibe.
Waiting at the lights… Ready…
Wait for it…… Go!
Mad dash at the back of the line and a sea of colourful sticks engulfed the sad urban roads.
I am glad that I didn’t stab any trees just the tips of it.
My shoe became a resting place for the blue stick; yes this is your spot now dear.
Quite, women in front as we entered first in the Museum and the men followed.
Night in the Museum instructions not to talk.
Te reo is amongst us.
We stood in silence.
Then it was time to place our poles against the columns
Goodbye Blue.
Thanks and cheer we did it.
Up we went to the room for some refreshments.

#Young Prodigy

Photo Credit: Auckland Triennial




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