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Shu Tu Tong Gui at George Fraser Gallery

Shu Tu Tong Gui. Yangjiang.
George Fraser Gallery. 10th May – 11th August.

Feeling guilty about missing their scheduled event.
Showing up with a group of friends during another (more private) tea ceremony.
Made our way into the back room.
Projections, outlines, ink + calligraphy brushes.
Start painting.
Start talking.
Black ink on white wall.
Proximity of potential strangers is irrelevant.
Just keep the ink inside the lines.
And if you screw up –
It doesn’t matter: water takes the mistakes away.
Would you like some tea?
Is that even a question?
Again the conversation opens
(in multiple languages)
about tradition, life, and culture.
Friends I should have known a while ago
only now begin to come into focus.
It only took four years and some tea.
For that friend to no longer be a stranger.
Wait –
was that art?

Is that still even a relevant question,
or just something to redirect attention?
This question rolls around in my mind
every time
a friend /
family member /
colleague /
asks me what I do, what I make, who I am
that makes me different from anyone else
trying to throw paint at a social problem.

Is it location, location, location?
Is it a conceptual background story?
Or is it just a label?
That’s been (over) and (ab)used.

I used to think
it was anything
that made you think
about the way you think.

Now I’m not so sure.

What separates a lunch date from
relational aesthetics?

Is it just a label?
Maybe we should discuss this
over some tea.


Photo Credit: Grace O’hara




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