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Morning musings

It’s 8.46am on a Wednesday morning and I’m siting inside one of the new cafes that has popped up on Karangahape Road.

I’m drinking a flat white because they don’t make mocha’s here.

My breakfast is in my bag. I’m balling on a budget.

There are two other people that are on their Mac Books. I make person number three.

The furniture is that kind of Ikea-wooden-exposed-table-top type thing.

The people coming inside are young and trendy looking.

Next door is the new cookie place that sells American style cookies for $3.50 (the Snickers and Nutella are my favourite).

The South Auckland girls that go to Auckland Girls’ Grammar are making tracks to school.

From my seat I can see the rainbow flags above family bar.

I remember my first time clubbing on K Road. Wasted, blurs of faces, lights and music that you feel vibrating in your body. Kebabs are the best at 4am.

The Samoan consulate has moved to Mangere. I don’t see as many Pacific people go into the building anymore.

Recently I heard that Rainbow Youth is moving, I wonder where they will go?

Who will be going next?

I don’t really go to Ponsonby that much.

Louisa Afoa

1 Comment

  1. Cora-Allan Wickliffe says

    Those smart reflections, glad i read this today. ballin’ on a budget. keeping it real my friend

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